Scale your B2B prospecting, with a human touch..

Focus your lead-gen resources on where they matter most..

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AI quality control.

The end of haggling separate quality control tools.

You’re probably the master of haggling spreadsheets. You also have hundreds of different plugins to help you control the quality, such as email validation, data cleaning. Our tool handles all of that for you, behind the scenes!

Built-in load-balancing for rush list building.

Gotta have 500 new prospects ready … like yesterday? In the past that would mean you’d have to get hold of 5 researchers that are available right now. You then have to split, balance and merge the work over those people. And inevitably someone disappears to leave you dangling. We automatically load-balance big lists over multiple researchers. If one of them drops out, they’re replaced automatically, in real time.

Import. Enrich. Export.

Our systems are interoperable with your current CRM, outreach tools and dialing systems.

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